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The coatings of open sports arenas - treadmills, tennis courts, football fields - are exposed to the aggressive effects of atmospheric conditions, UV rays, dust and surface pollution. All these factors can significantly affect the functional state of even the most durable coatings.
Service overview

Regular cleaning can significantly increase the service life of sports fields, while maintaining the functional properties of sports surfaces for a long time at the lowest possible cost.


The AV SPORT company is ready to provide qualified personnel and special equipment to help you cope with this task.

A maintenance contract is the best way to ensure that the functionality of your sports facility is maintained at a high level for a long time.

Work process

Design-project preparation in accordance with clients requirements

construction & renovation

The process of construction and renovation according to project

budget approval

Budget analysis, corrections and approval with the client


A full walk-through of the project with the client and the architect

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